Have YOU

Been Putting Off


YOUR Oven?


We do the job you hate!


YOUR Family's health assured using

 OvenCleanPlus Proven Hygienic Cleaning System

leaving YOUR home free from strong odours and chemicals.


OvenCleanPlus is second to none in the cleaning

of domestic kitchen appliances.

OvenCleanPlus specialise in the cleaning of

ovens, ranges, hobs, extractors and microwaves.

OvenCleanPlus highly trained specialists

are there to advise you at all times.

We use our own totally safe EzeClean Products

and specialised equipment.

- Removes grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits form

Ovens, cook tops, range hoods and microwaves.

- Fresh cleaning solution is used for each clean.



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The Fully Equipped Specialised Service Van




the appliance cleaning specialists

we do the job you hate!


YOUR Family's health assured using

 OvenCleanPlus Proven Hygienic Cleaning System leaving YOUR home free from strong odours and chemicals. 



Oven Condition Report when you have your

oven cleaned by OvenCleanPlus


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In around two hours, our eco-friendly process will remove grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits.

When YOU see the results of YOUR oven, YOU may want our technicians to clean YOUR Range Hood, Microwave. Our experience boasts 100's of cleans to date. To be assured YOU get an amazing clean every time, our specialists take pride in what they do, ensuring the health and safety of you and your family. Unlike some competitors, you can be assured of a fume-free, safe environment. An individually prepared solution for each customer, guarantees you can be completely confident of a hygienic result.

YOU are ensured confidence in the quality of our service through the extensive programme our technicians are all trained in.


The OvenCleanPlus

Cleaning Process

The specialised mobile cleaning vehicle is set up which includes it's own super heated hot water system. Your oven is then disassembled and all parts, racks, trays, and even the ring trays  removed outside along with the door to be cleaned. This ensures no stains or mess in your home. The door is disassembled to allow cleaning between the two glass panels, seals and hinges. All parts are checked sanitised and reassembled.  In the mean time the trays, etc are pre-soaked and cleaned. The oven shell is carefully and fully cleaned and sanitised. The oven is then reassembled, completely sanitized and tested to check for cleaning odours. 

All cleaning and waste water is retained within the service vehicle and removed from your property.

An Evaluation and Report on your ovens condition is supplied on completion. 


NOTE: Large or Burnt Carbon and Fat deposits may incur an additional "excess Material and Labour" charges.



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